@title Welcome to the Erlang ERDtrxt @author Steven Gibson
@copyright 2008 Steven Gibson

@version 0.2

@reference ER Dialog page at Sourceforge, the ER Dialog Project


Erlang ERDtext is a simple web based text viewer.

== Installation and Configuration ==

Very briefly,

* Install Erlang.
* Install Yaws.
erl -make

This should byte compile the files in the src directory. If all goes well, try
starterdmpd.sh, which will start the application in an interactive Erlang shell

== Accessing the ERDexpert services through the Webbrowser ==
The application is usually accessible on port 8101 (see yaws.conf if you want to
change this), so once it's running, you should see the main user interface at


== Usage

A text file can viewed by entering the file name: for example priv/books/marip10.txt

You can view folder contents on the filelist page

Enter a file directory (e.g. priv/books) an example is at: in the field above to the "submit" button, and click on the button. The system will start scanning the directory hierarchy beneath the URL you entered.

A text file can viewed by entering the file name: for example priv/books/marip10.txt

== History of the software ==

uses ideas from November 2006 on a jukebox web application.

Thanks so much.

== Structure of the source code ==

Code Overview
The Program logic system

This module processes commands from the yaws interface and
after the command, it returns the response back to the user interface.

The Main User-Interface

The user interface is constructed around yaws pages which load static
html files and dynamic information from Erlang beam files.
Static and dynamic HTML and yaws for the main user interface.
Loads HEAD.inc.

Similar to index.yaws but calls itself and shows responses.

The Help Files

The help files shoul give support info.

Static HTML for help.

Version 0.2

updated text screen to re-Post new file name

Version 0.1
initial release
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