@title Welcome to the ERDialog ERDcalc
@author Steven Gibson 
@copyright 2010 Steven Gibson  

@version 0.7

@reference ER Dialog page at Sourceforge,
the ER Dialog Project


Erlang ERDcalc is a simple calculator.

*** OVERVIEW **** ERDcalc is a simple calculator This sample application does rpn style calculations The application is usually accessible on port 8101 (see yaws.conf if you want to change this), so once it's running, you should see the main user interface at http://localhost:8101/ *** Interface Framework *** The user interface is constructed around static HTML pages which load additional menu files. index.yaws Dynamic Erlang supported HTML for the main user interface. . This is the applet version and requires ERDialog framework, Yaws and Erlang Version 0.7 fix relative link in redirect.yaws fixed calcoutput.erl regression problem Version 0.6 first release i18n support in English and Esperanto simple 2 value rpn calculations with four possible operators
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